Subscribe to a monthly paid plan if you need to make more than 50 API requests /day.


Max 50 requests /day
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It's free


1,000 requests /day
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5,000 requests /day
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10,000 requests /day
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50,000 requests /day
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200,000 requests /day
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After subscribing

After subscribing an access token is created immediately. On the confirmation page you'll find details on how to add it to your API requests.

Your access token is used by our service to identify your account, and allow additional requests.

About the Timezone API

It's FAST & reliable
Our service is built to serve API requests fast and reliable. The API is hosted in multiple regions of the world and each region includes fast instances. Amazon's Route 53 (latency DNS) makes sure requests are handled by servers closest to you for fast processing time.
Most requests are handled in less than 5ms.

It's up to date
Our data sources originates from several sources, and is updated frequently (often daily).

Daily Requests - $/mo

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